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This broad category applies to people who are not getting desired results from their present care, to those who are fairly healthy and seek to optimize their energy and vitality.  Dr. Sage recognizes each person as a unique entity.  His decades of involvement with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) allows him to focus on the holistic needs of the individual and design health programs specifically suited to meet those needs.
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Excessive stress can cause high blood pressure, ulcers, headaches and accelerated aging among many other ailments. Stress can also cause skin eruptions (pimples. blemishes, etc.,) and the deposition of belly fat. Sage teaches self-help techniques to control stress. He also administers Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and integrated energy techniques that invoke the relaxation response.
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Red-Light Green-Light Weight Loss Diet For Life
This is a practical and highly successful weight control diet for life. It focuses on awareness and weight relationships and allows you to eat many of the foods that you enjoy.
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The Rainbow Diet
Each person has a unique biochemical metabolism. This nutritional diet is designed to complement your individual needs and achieve optimal energy and vitality while also addressing specific health issues.
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Sage has successfully used a combination of over thirty holistic techniques that have significantly improved even the toughest cases that have not responded to other approaches.  As pain relief is achieved, the goal is to design a lifestyle that is active, strengthens your spine and that increases your mobility without pain.
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Healthcare providers are not immune to burnout, boredom, anxiety, depression, personal illness, loss of concentration, declining income and personal relationship problems. Sage teaches ways to reconnect with one’s self, reaffirm one’s purpose and re-establish one's health and vitality – especially for those who already possess specific insight and knowledge in the paradigms of health and disease.
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The goal of this 40-Day Transformation non-surgical approach is to rejuvenate, tighten and tone underlying muscle and connective tissues that will produce a remarkable "natural lift-effect" in addition to creating a vibrant glow to your appearance. Excellent results are achieved for bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, facial sags, turkey neck and a worn-out tired looking face. Self-administered techniques such as, facial acupressure point stimulation, specific facial muscle exercises, stress reduction and diet enhancements are taught to maintain the spectacular progress. Before and after pictures are available.
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Your body is like a musical instrument. Even the finest instruments created, must be in tune in order to perform at their best. Sage has developed and utilizes a specialty method and application of a Core Neurological Reiki Technique, Therapeutic Touch and an Attitudinal Attunement. Your thoughts and feelings create your "Attitude" which influences your heart and brain wave patterns, which play a powerful role in health and disease. By shifting a negative perspective of a problem to a more positive outlook and practical approach, thinking and emotional habit-patterns are enhanced. All three techniques are combined and integrated to achieve optimal Attunement and harmony.
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Mental, psychological and spiritual blockages can stop one’s creative energy flow. Often, the creative person ingeniously creates these blockages. Those blockages can also be creatively dissolved, thus restoring balance, focus and enthusiasm. This unique holistic program is an art form and creative partnership intended to re-establish and expand the parameters of one’s creativity.
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Our spiritual essence is expressed by our thoughts, feelings and actions. To experience a sense of fulfillment and joy, our natural Traits and Talents must be in balance and harmony with our purpose in life and spiritual needs. In a holistic practice, all aspects of an individual’s spiritual personality and beliefs must be considered and addressed. These understandings are incorporated into evaluating one’s nature and help chart a practical path to resolving conflicts and achieving greater fulfillment.
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All the joints of the body share basic characteristics that are subject to inflammation and pain. Specific exercises and self-massage of muscle tension points can be learned, to balance those misalignments that can cause TMJ inflammation and pain. Successful holistic techniques used to treat spinal, shoulder, and other "joint" based problems are specifically designed to treat the temporo mandibular "joint".
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Consultations By Phone 
Phone #: (805) 985-9966 

In most cases it is ideal to have a personal office visit, however, many people can be significantly helped with a phone consultation. Helpful advice concerning diets, exercise, recovery from injuries, stress management, creative blockages, spiritual needs, health and wellness issues, among others, is commonly and effectively given via the phone.

The goal is to connect and communicate practical holistic suggestions that can be adapted into your lifestyle. It is a convenient savings of travel time and transportation costs.  Please let me know the best time to contact you.

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