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Stop Getting Shorter As You Age
Health Benefits for Therapists Practicing Spinal Mobilization
My Personal Experience With Spinal Mobilization Therapy
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An anthology of Dr. Sage's initial personal experiences of bioenergy techniques with acupuncture, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, and his revelations of Yin/Yang, Ki, chi, prana, Qi gong and bioenergy dynamics.
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How to Stop Getting Shorter (Anti-aging)

As the discs wear down in height, even a small amount of 1/23 of an inch of wear for each disc, would equal one inch of height loss. For only 1/12 of an inch of wear, you would lose two inches of height. Spinal Mobilization Technique safely and comfortably relaxes tension and increases the spinal motion of the vertebra and discs. Spinal mobilization gently moves each vertebra and disc through its individual range of motion, something that cannot be accomplished though massage, general stretching or yoga techniques.
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Health Benefits for Therapists Practicing Spinal Mobilization Techniques

A major problem for busy therapists administering "body work" often results in their fatigue and hand, wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), arm, shoulder, neck and back pain due to repetitive stress of those areas to practitioners.

Utilizing Spinal Mobilization Techniques avoids harmful repercussions to the therapist by teaching how to use balance and direction of hand contact pressures directed though the force of the whole body to apply specific contact in a constant fluid motion. This avoids fixed pressures on the therapist's feet, legs, spine, hands, arms, shoulder girdle and other joint structures subject to constant wear and tear and irritation. It is also a way of exercising and toning your whole body while administering treatment. This balanced technique avoids burnout and fatigue, and most importantly, when the therapist's body is in balance and harmony during the therapeutic session, your patient will receive the highest form of care.
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My Personal Experience with Spinal Mobilization Therapy

After more than thirty years of researching and developing highly successful therapies for spinal impairments, I sustained a traumatic spinal injury, resulting in my own immobilization. Before my injury, I was a specialist treating spinal impairments. Afterward, I became a patient in need of spinal treatment and rehabilitation.
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