Wellness Through Complementary and Alternative Medicine 

Dr. Sage Rainbow, Complementary and ALternative Medicine

When the full spectrum of our hearts, minds, bodies and spiritual essence is in balance and in harmony, we radiate health and wholeness.

Being of healthy mind, body and spirit is a basic necessity to accomplish life's purpose and experience enjoyment. A holistic approach is the most effective and comprehensive way to understand and address the often underlying causes of health problems.

My mission is to help you achieve optimal health in the shortest time possible and show you how to maintain your improvements for life.

Together we will take a comprehensive look at your health concerns and complaints. I will work with you to design an individualized program to meet your unique needs, and teach you how to self-maintain the progress made.

I encourage you to learn how safe holistic methods can help you improve your health and unleash your vitality.

- Dr. Sage Rainbow D.C.
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